About Us

We give insight to websites, companies and teams looking to understand their users. From finding out what works best to what’s going wrong, we can find answers through data analytics, anthropology and insight analysis.

We have a range of skills to help you understand your users. We have over a decade in online media and analytics, working for a range of top-tier media firms such as the BBC and Which?, and consulting for the government, including the Government Digital Service (GDS).

Jonathan Richardson

Richardson Online Ltd is headed by Jonathan Richardson – you can find out more on his work at his site ConsideredWords.com.

He uses his degree in Archaeology & Anthropology from Cambridge University and time at the BBC to apply an anthropological and journalistic approach to user research and content design.

He has worked on a number of projects with GOV.UK and the Government Digital Service (GDS). His work has led to changes to the Technology Code of Practice and improvements to a range of user facing services.