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Examples of outputs

Due to client confidentiality we can’t publish details freely but please see some examples inspired and modified from original work. Don’t forget to check out my for in depth examples of my outputs.
Below are examples of:
user journeys and service maps
Personas, customer profiles and user needs
user research reports
user research methodologies
user experience strategy creation and process mapping

User journeys and service maps

Service map example.png
User Research straretgy process.png
User journey service map example.png

Personas, Customer Profiles and user needs

User Research Wall - Curriculum Journey Discovery - Copy of Personas.png
User needs example.png
User needs examples.png


Report example.png


User research for content design (1).png
User research - testing content.jpeg
Tasks methods.png

User research strategy creation and processes

Project triage planning.png
Strategy creation.png


UR presentation.png

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